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Monday, July 21, 2014

A Change of Zip Codes

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Helloooooo "elloooo ... elloooo" ((*echoes*)).  Is anybody out there?!  

It's me ... the queen of blog neglect!  I've missed my little ol' blog and connecting with all of you ... but, lately, all I've had to share are boxes ... upon boxes ... upon BOXES!  Who wants to see that ?!  If I never see another box again, it will be "too" soon!

Yes, my little and family and I moved back to my home state of Virginia two weeks ago!  My husband was offered a position within his company that was too good to pass up, even if it meant we had to relocate.  Soooo, up went the "For Sale" sign in our yard scattered with palm trees in South Carolina, and we prayed it wouldn't take too long to sell our home!  Thankfully, it only took a few months.

So, please say hello to our new casa!  I "virtually" watched this home being built from the ground up over the last few months ... even though I loved it, we didn't want to sign a contract on another home until we had a solid contract on our own.  When we were in a position to sign away, I couldn't believe this beauty was ready to go and still available.  I guess it was simply meant to be!

Admittedly, we're still getting used to stairs again having gone from a one level to a three level home.  Yes, it makes moving furniture around on a whim a bit daunting, for sure!

I love our new kitchen ... but, of course, I've already painted our island and getting ready to slap some paint on the cabinets, too (sure you're not surprised) ... can't wait to show you the transformation!

Here's the little sunroom off the kitchen while it was under construction ... I look forward to sharing with you what it looks like now! 

SOMEday we'll beef up the fireplace mantel in the great room similar to what we had in our home in SC!  For now ... I'll have fun styling this one!

While we stuck with my favorite "Manchester Tan" for most of the main rooms and hallways, we decided to go a bit darker in the dining room and am loving Ben Moore's "Perfect Greige" in there! Now, to just mount the shelves!

I hope you all will keep me company while we transform our new house into our "home."

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spring Kitchen Shelves

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Hello, hello ... anyone home?!

Yup, I'm guilty of blog neglect!  But, in my defense, as many of you know, our home is on the market, as we are moving from South Carolina back to Virginia.

And, because I've had to really "simplify" our home during the selling process, honestly, I've had nothing to share, and it's driving me crazy!  LOL!  I can't wait to get into a new home and start all over, sharing my madness every step of the way!

Before I start packing things up, I thought I'd share our simple kitchen shelves. The shelves that I painstakingly made ... I'm going to miss them!

Nothing fancy ... just simple pieces, like white plates and pitchers (all from HomeGoods)

And, whether it's pretty plates (also from Home Goods)

or, plastic bottles of Pellegrino ... color is mandatory for my Spring decor!

Faux green apples (Wal-Mart) popping against a simple silver platter (GoodWill), remind me that the warmer months are finally here! 

I hope that our future home (that we have yet to find) will have a special wall begging for a few shelves, too!  I just hope that I can remember how I made them!

Thanks so much, and I hope you'll join me on our new "adventures in decorating" once we have a new address!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An Easter Vignette ...

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Greetings, friends !!

Hard to believe that Easter is already upon us.  As much as I know I've complained about winter dragging on and on, this year also seems to have flown by so far.

And, because I need to keep things pretty simple, I've only added a teeny bit of Easter in our kitchen, making this my shortest post ever ...

Just one little flying bunny ...

And, whimsical, pastel ornaments hanging on plain and floral branches ...

Seriously, that's it! HA!

Thanks for stopping by,

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring in the Sitting Room

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I know I share our sitting room over and over ... annnd, over ... with you, but, admittedly, it's the room I have the most fun with when it comes to decorating.  

Maybe it's the neutral background or our white slipcovered furniture, which make any accent color I add truly pop!

Speaking of color ... this year, Spring means tossing in apple green and blue accents (like this faux fur throw from SteinMart, along with floral pillows from Pottery Barn):

And, while our bookcase stays primarily neutral for now ...

these little decorative eggs add just a hint of color:

Cute distressed bunnies (Target) remind me that Spring is finally here!

And, thanks to the varying shades of blue in the pillow, it "plays nicely" with our accent chest.

"An apple a day ..."

Speaking of apples ...

Isn't it a fun (and inexpensive) to add in real or faux fruits in a bowl or a tray to splash your chosen color around the room?

Of course, I have to add in coral to stay true to my love for coastal decor!

Speaking of coastal, I'm sure they'll be a lot more of that added in as the Summer months approach.  Well, that's IF we haven't sold our home by then!

Thanks for stopping by!

Come on over and play here:

A Stroll Thru Life/Inspire Me Tuesday
Stone Gable/The Scoop
French Country Cottage/Feathered Nest Friday

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Styling our Spring Mantel

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Happy first day of SPRING!

Thank you ALL so very much for your thoughtful comments about our recent photo shoot with Gridley + Graves!  

Because Anne and Gary wanted a more "neutral" decor for the shoot, I wasn't able to splash bunnies and eggs around until after they left.  And, since I get quite a few emails asking about the method to my madness when it comes to decorating our mantel and other vignettes, I thought I'd drag you guys along for the ride as I dress our fireplace for Spring.

Sooo, here's where I start ... with one big ol' boring, blank slate:

Admittedly, when I'm styling, I like to start in the middle first.  That's when I dug out this iron piece from under my son's bed!  After blowing off the dust, I decided to paint the dark wood frame AS Duck Egg Blue and paint the interior iron pieces AS Pure White to fit in better with the lighter look I'm going for!  I then added our poor, "beat up" egg wreath (from HomeGoods) for a fun and seasonal centerpiece:

Next, I like to balance my focal point with "neighbors" (usually, twins)!  Ha.  Yes, those who know me best understand how sickeningly symmetrical I am.  My feng shui just feels better this way ...

Now, it's time to add a centerpiece to sit on the mantel ... that's when this cute, little bunny family hopped on over.  And, since my OCD tendencies for odd numbers is always present, I decided to prop Father Bunny on a yellow stand to tie in with the pretty yellow flowers:

Next, it's time to fill in a bit of the "dead space" on either side of the bunnies ... that's where my silver candlesticks (from IKEA and HomeGoods) come into play ... twins, again (surprise, surprise)!  

Hmmmm ... our bunnies need a few eggs scattered around!

Almost done!  We're just missing one, last, whimsical element.  

THERE we go ... that's a little better (thanks to our cute "SPRING" banner from Target, which is making a return appearance for the 3rd year).

If our mantel could sing right now, I think it just might be belting out my favorite song "HAPPY," by Pharrell!

And, there ya' have it ... from sad to SPRING!

Our little ol' fireplace is a bit happier now that it's dressed for the season, although, admittedly, I need to add a pop of yellow on the hearth to make it "just right!"  Come back soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by ... 


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Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Decorating Dream Come True ...

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As a crazy girl, with a true passion for decorating, admittedly, my dream has always been to have our home featured in a national publication.

So, imagine my shock when, last Fall, the very kind and amazingly talented Anne Gridley, from Gridley + Graves Photographers, contacted me and asked if she and her husband, Gary, could come to our home to take pictures for ... wait for it ... a national publication!

I was thrilled ... to say the least!  After the holidays and nasty Winter weather, this past Thursday, they trekked down to SC from PA and knocked on our door.

They brought their fancy equipment ...

lots of "fresh" props ...

and, took lots and LOTS of pictures!

It was awesome to watch them style the shots and analyze, right then and there on their computer, what needed to be adjusted for the next frame!

They also brought lots of great stories, which I loved hearing!  They couldn't have been nicer or more professional.

And, while I'm not sure when or which publication our home will be a featured, I'm honored and excited just to have had the experience of having Anne and Gary in our home! 

So, keep up your blogging because, you never know, they may be knocking on your door next!

As always, thanks for stopping by,
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