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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Feeling "Blue" in our Summer Great Room

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Isn't it funny how our tastes change?  Admittedly, I feel as though mine changes more than the average gal.  One minute, I love red, the next ... not so much.  One day, I tell myself I'll never use navy blue in our main rooms again, and then ... this.

I'm just going to blame it on our white sofa.  It just calls out to play with different colors since it's such the perfect backdrop ... for me, anyway.

I'm also going to blame it on Home Goods.  It seems as though they've been overloaded this season (or year) with blue, blue, blue.  And, I found myself drawn to it.

Like this pillow ... how could I resist it (?) since the blue ties in with the solid blue pillows; the burlap ties in with our white with burlap trimmed pillows; and the black lettering ties in with our black frames ... and, most importantly, the price tied in with my budget!

And, then there was pretty vase calling out to me on "aisle 9" of Home Goods ... of course, I was bummed it didn't have a twin because you must "know" how addicted to symmetry I am.  I decided to scoop it up, anyway and am glad I did!

How have I forgotten how pretty and crisp blue and white are mixed together?!

Of course, I have to always dress our mantel up for the season, and, somehow, a little blue and white found its way over there, too.

Wanna guess where I found the cute matching vases?

I'll give you a hint ... it's the "same" place I found this awesome blanket!

Feel free to come "GATHER" with me while you figure out the answer!

Shame on you Home Goods ... shaaaame!  

I love how these colors all play so well together and can't believe it took me almost 15 years to incorporate navy back into our great room decor!  I might have to keep around for awhile ...

and figure out where "else" can I add it?  Just please don't let me go back to Home Goods for awhile!

Thanks for stopping by,
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A New Shade for the Sunroom

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Yay, one project down ... 1,000 to go!  

Sometimes, I feel like "on a whim" should be my middle name!  As I was staring at our little sunroom last week, I decided that I wanted it to feel a bit "coastal-y" and serene ... that's when I turned to Sherwin Williams' Palladian Blue (and our tall, scary ladder) and got to work!  

And, when it was time to put the room back together, more changes were in order ...

I brought in our seagrass rug from the sitting room as the room's anchor.  Then, in came the "wicker-y" love seat from our deck ... I like the natural texture it adds, and how it ties in with the bamboo shades.

I then brought in a pair of coastal prints from Home Goods.

When I spied this cute "Shore Thing" pillow at Home Goods, I knew it would be a fun addition ... I really like it paired with the blue/white stripe pillow (cover from Pottery Barn).

Since the new wall art has silver frames, I added in silver candle holders on our coffee table to pull it all together ...

along with this silver-framed nautical print (which is magically *floating,* thanks to Command Hooks and fishing line).

Back on the coffee table, a sweet orchid (from Target) adds a bit of softness ...

Of course, with this being our little "coastal" spot to relax, a few issues of "Coastal Magazine" are a must,

and this little faux furry foot stool (try saying that fast 5 times!) seemed to be the perfect spot to display them and to pull around and rest your feet on while you enjoy them.

We plan on adding a new chandie in here, too ... just waiting for the one I want to go on sale!

I'll also add a few more coastal accents in here, I'm sure ... for now, onto the next project! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

This, That and Then Some

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Greetings, friends!

You know when you finally feel a bit "settled" in your new home?  Well, of course it's *then* that you decide that you're anything BUT settled!

Sooo, I'm bringing in a bit of wall color in here:

And, having lots of fun (not) staining our deck:

Let's not forget trying out new arrangements here and there:

Annnnd, getting ready to trade out the bookcase here in our sitting room for a fun find from Craiglist!

Hopefully, I'll have a few *blog-worthy* posts to share soon!

Thanks for stopping by,

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Shades of Spring Open House Party ...

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Greetings, friends!

I'm happy to be joining several of my blogging friends today for our "Shades of Spring" open house!

And, as my "shade of Spring," I'm sharing our little sunroom. 

Set right off of the kitchen, this cozy spot has seen its fair share of decorating in the 10 months we've lived here ...

Its current "identity crisis" involved trading out all of the furniture in there for white slipcovered wing chairs (that used to be in the great room), and the duck egg accent chest (Kirkland's), along with cowhide rug (IKEA), that used to be in our sitting room.

Now that I had my staple pieces placed, it was time to add a bit of Spring!  That's when I grabbed a glass demi-john I had on hand and filled it with my favorite "go to" Spring floral branches from Michael's.

Wine corks always make a fun "filler" ...

Wine, anyone?  How about a faux grape?

Thankfully, our curtains (from Fabric Showcase in Myrtle Beach) play nicely with any season!

Maybe this "shade of Spring" blanket will invite you to curl up on a sunny afternoon and enjoy a good read that I have resting on a chalk painted stool (that is standing in as a "makeshift" side table).

A woven demi-john from TJMaxx was sitting in our storage room long enough ... soooo out it came, too!

And, as always, nothing says Spring like a cute faux plant from IKEA, now does it?

As I don't have any art on the walls (yet), pretty white plates help to fill the space for now.

And, there it is ... our little sunroom with a few shades of Spring.  Next, it will be time to add in coastal accents for the warm Summer months!

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit!

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